October 14, 2016   Chapres

The faculty of Law through the Disability Rights Clinic held a training in disability rights on 27th September 2016. This training targeted the students of the law faculty to acquaint them with a number of disability rights issues. This included the disability rights theories namely the Traditional Model, The Medical model and the Social Model. Dr Kamchezera illustrated that the repealed Handicapped Persons Act was based on the medical model which views a disability as an ailment that has to be eradicated. This subjects persons with disability to be viewed as objects of pity. She also highlighted that the new model being used is the social model which was developed by persons with disability themselves. This model puts the focus on the person first and not the disability. Thus, terms such as an albino person, or a blind person are not allowed as they focus on the disability rather than the person. The appropriate terms are those that put the person first, such as persons with albinism and persons with visual impairment. Her presentation was followed by a presentation by a fourth year law students who highlighted issues concerning Disability and Human Rights. Dr Chilemba presented on disability rights in international law. The students that participated in the training, reckoned that it was an eye opener to the issues affecting persons with Disability.

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